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Wednesday, 16 June 2021

Photos from latest events 

Outing May 2021 - Chau Chak Wing Museun

Walk June 2021 - ANZAC Bridge to Fish Markets

Tuesday, 15 June 2021

 Newsletter 348                              15 June 2021 

Vice President’s report:  Trust everybody has survived Thursday’s cold weather!  Looking forward to being in a somewhat warmer environment, without it being excessively so! 

This is likely my last newsletter, expecting Mary Ann back on deck for next month on the 20th July!  Trusting that Douglas and their daughter will have emerged from the ‘holes in the ground’ they have been exploring and we will learn something of these adventures. 

As I write this, Oriel is in hospital following some health issues.  Having enquired early on Thursday morning it is my understanding that she is ‘doing well’.  Patrick has offered to look after her portfolio until she is ready to resume.  A successful Blackwattle Bay walk, without loss of members, has been reported, thank you!  Robin has organised a Get Well card for Oriel, many thanks Robin. 

Doreen has advised that we will remain in the meeting room today, seated at round tables, for everything we are doing because the other room (where we usually have morning tea) is booked out to another party. 

Membership report:   Our membership is now 52:  34 women and 18 men. 

Many happy returns of the day for your June birthday:  Judy C 06, Sally Jn 06, Robyn P 06, Ivan B 08, Judy M 10, Janice G 16, Ches W 21, and Louise L 27. 

Guest Speaker:  Today we will hear from a representative of the Sydney Heritage Fleet, talking about the SS John Oxley. 

Probus Outing: 
Tuesday 22nd June.  HARS Aircraft Museum 
HARS is the Historical Aircraft Restoration Society located at Albion Park.  This is Wollongong Airport which has regular flights to Melbourne and Brisbane. 
The society consists of aircraft collectors and they have managed to restore quite a few to airworthy condition.  These aircraft are often used in their annual “Wings Over Illawarra” air show. 
You can see an amazing collection here, everything from a Tiger Moth to an F 1/11, and a DC3 to a Jumbo Jet.  There are many you will have flown on.  Virtually all of the display is under cover. 
From earlier times there is a Lockheed Super Constellation, “Connie”, which came into service after WW2.  Qantas had 16 of these pressurised craft.  In February, 1959, Qantas’ fastest Super Constellation took 63 hours and 45 minutes to Heathrow. 
The cost of the bus is $30.  The cost of a guided tour is $20 but this is offset by the modest cost of the meals that are available in their canteen.  There is a selection of 5 dishes, including tea or coffee, for $13.  Sweets are also available for $7.  Please make your choice from the menu available at our meeting.  Please have your money in an envelope for the Bus, Tour and Meal.  That is a total of $63, or $70 if you are having a sweet as well. 
The bus departs from the Golf Club at 9:15am.  We stop for morning tea at Sublime Point with its magnificent view over Wollongong. 

The 5th Tuesday of the Month Movie Event June 29th:  Once again we shall meet at the Siborg Café on Parraween Street near the Spofforth Street Junction.  I have had a complete change of heart in choosing our movie, finding something which I hope will be fun and is described as being a “Dramedy”! 
The film is called “Dream Horse”, and is based on a true story.  Starring Toni Collette, Damien Lewis and Sian Phillips, it is about an unlikely race horse bred in a small town in Wales, and raised in the hopes that it can compete with the British racing elite.  Variety Magazine describes the movie as being “a well cast artfully handled effort that exercises sufficient restraint to really earn its requisite laughter and tears”!  Let’s hope it lives up to expectations!  When I have a session time I will send out an email to you with café meet up and session times.  I can obtain $10 senior tickets for us all. 

Sunday, 23 May 2021

 Newsletter 347                               18 May 2021 

Stand-in President’s Report:  Well here I am again, till Mary Ann (and Douglas) return from taking care of their daughter on her epic cycling journey and step into these shoes again.  Think I have forgotten how I did this!  Sure it was easier!  Guess I am getting older . . . rapidly, it seems! 

Robin did such a great job in this role, put so much of herself into it.  Thanks, Robin. 

Clive has sparked our interest in Gilbert and Sullivan again, this time for the 5th June performance in North Sydney  Thank you, Clive! Shelagh has done some of the information gathering for me, and I have agreed to gather numbers and buy tickets on behalf of those who invest their trust in me.  Others will have purchased independently.  I need to know how many wish me to do the purchasing, and will need the numbers at the May meeting so that I can then buy tickets. 

Noreen, Peter and Louise are doing a great job with outings and the photo collages they are producing in their reports of the outings are outstanding!  A better deal than you had with me! 

I wish to thank Shelagh for the extra flab (winter insulation) I have after her delicious fruit cake last meeting—what a lovely thought that was!  Just in time for our coming single digit morning temperatures! 

Membership Report:  Our memberships remains at 53:  35 women and 18 men. 

Many Happy Returns of the Day for Your May Birthday:  Maureen T 01, Jackie M 05, and Kevin D 16.

Guest speaker:  Our speaker today is Eira Battaglia, who will tell us about “Nursing in England in the ‘60s”. 
Please note:  The next meeting starts at 10:15am. 

Probus Walkers: Tuesday June 8th, 2021.  Anzac Bridge to Fish Markets. 

This walk will start in Harris Street, Pyrmont, and proceed to a café for our coffee, then continue over the Anzac Bridge.  We follow the James Craig road around to Jubilee Park and continue along the Glebe Foreshore ending at the Fish Markets for lunch.  Steps up to the Anzac Bridge but then easy walking with beautiful harbour views. 
Approx. 6 klms.\ 
MEET: 9:P30am Park Street bus stop (between Pitt/George Sts.) outside the Criterion Hotel to catch the next 389 bus. 

Probus Outing: Tuesday 25th May.  Chau Chak Wing Museum. 

The next outing is a visit to the newly constructed museum at Sydney University.  The museum is named after its benefactor, Mr. Chau Chak Wing, who contributed much of the cost of construction. 
It brings together three of the university’s historic collections,  much of which was not able to be previously displayed:  the Nicholson collection of antiquities has mummies which are dramatically displayed using CT scanning technology; the Macleay Collection includes items from scientific expeditions plus a collection of the instruments used for these expeditions; and the University Art Collection which includes a collection of European and Australian items—the latter includes the works, among others, of Boyd, Streeton, Drysdale and Margaret Olley. 

The bus will depart from the golf club at 9:30am.  We stop for morning tea near the Coal Loader Centre for Sustainability at North Sydney, and then proceed to the museum. 

The cost is $30 for the bus and $10 for the guided tour.  Please confirm your plans at the May meeting and have your $40 payment ready in an envelope with your name on it.  Lunch is available at the restaurant in the building; most of the courses range from $18 to $23. 
There were some people who paid for the previous outing and were unable to attend.  They will receive a refund, or can use the credit for this outing. 

We have commenced arrangements for the Tulip Time outing to Bowral on 28th September. Please mark the date in your calendar. 

Probus Theatre and Movie Events.  The “Come From Away” matinee on August 4th. Payment is due for this by the end of this month as our Group Bookings reservation asks for full payment 8 weeks before our attendance.  Anyone who has yet to make a payment please either pay into the Probus account or by cheque or cash to our club treasurer, Janice Gentle.  One seat has become available if anyone else would like to attend or has a special friend they would like to include on this outing.  Please contact me as soon as possible as it is just one seat!  Peggy Burnett ( or Jeanette French ( 
The 5th Tuesday of the month Movie: On Tuesday 29th June there will be another movie outing and as always the details will follow in the next newsletter, depending on what movies are being show at the time, but please put the date in your diary.  I am hoping that “Six Minutes to Midnight” will still be available.  This is a spy thriller movie based on a real event set in 1939 at a British girls’ finishing school set up for future young German Nazi wives!  It has not been given great reviews, despite a great cast with Judi Dench, Eddy Izzard and a few other well known faces.  This however is not the final choice, which will depend on what is being shown late in June and maybe something better will show itself! 

News from Mary Ann Irvin on 10th May about her daughter Allison’s cycle trip: Allison is now pushing her way through scrub somewhere west of Marlborough. . .and has now been cycling for over 2 months with just 1 month to go before she gets to Cooktown.  I am astounded by her perseverance and tenacity.  I wake up in the middle of the night with visions of crocodiles or ticks or snakes attacking her while she is alone in her tiny tent.  The first thing I do in the morning is check where she is to make sure she survived the night!  She has usually started riding well before I check at around 7am.  We hope to be back in Sydney in June. 

Sunday, 9 May 2021

 PHOTOS from Recent Outings

                                              Redfern March 2021

                                               Penrith Museum of Fire April 2021

 Newsletter 346                             20 April 2021 


President’s report:  It is a great privilege to have been asked to be President of this Club.  Thank you Robin for your very successful presidency during a difficult year.  Your innovations for keeping in touch and active were welcomed by us all.  Robin’s wonderful newsletters, Evelyn’s outings, the meetings in the park, Patrick’s jokes and Shelagh’s musical snippets kept us entertained and connected throughout the months of COVID. 

It is good to begin the year as your incoming President knowing we have an enthusiastic and experienced committee willing to introduce new ideas and provide popular activities.  It is unfortunate that I won’t be able to share the first couple of months with you since Douglas and I will be traveling to North Queensland while our daughter Allison cycles the Bicentennial National Trail from Healesville in Victoria to Cooktown, Far North Queensland. 

The Club has an exciting year ahead of us with a great selection of speakers, outings, walks, movies and theatre.  I would like to see as many of us as possible attend these events. 

The first movie event was a resounding success by all reports.  Thank you Peggy and Jeanette for organising the club’s first ’Fifth Tuesday Movie’ outing.  “Nomadland” was a great choice. 

Several of us are looking forward to seeing the musical “Come from Away” at the Capitol Theatre.   

Our meeting this month will commence at 10am and will be a celebration of “Back to Normal”.  Morning tea will be served free of charge and Shelagh K has a special surprise for us. 

Membership report:  Our membership remains at 53:  37 women and 16 men. 

Many Happy Returns of the Day for Your April Birthday:  Bob M 05, Gillian W 09, and Geoff P  29. 

Guest Speaker:  Our speaker this month is Sophia Lacey from the Australian Wildlife Conservancy, which protects threatened wildlife and habitats across 4.65 million hectares of Australia, including iconic regions like the Kimberley, Lake Eyre and the Top End.  To find out more visit:  

Sophia has a Masters degree in Environmental Management and worked in cleantech and renewable energy.  She has worked in the sustainability sector with a focus on recycling and packaging and in her spare time she has also conducted ecological bat surveys. 


Probus Walkers: Tuesday 11th May 202l.  South Head Heritage Trail, Watsons Bay. 
On arriving at Watsons Bay we will start with a coffee at the café before proceeding up to the Gap and continue along the South Head Heritage Trail which will take us to the Hornby Light Station where great views of the harbour can be seen.  On our return we will pass Lady Bay Beach and cross Camp Cove beach to the Watson Bay Hotel for lunch/ refreshments.  Walk classed as Medium with steps. 
MEET:  At circular Quay Wharf 4 at 10:00am to catch the 10:17 ferry. 
Probus walkers on this month’s walk, from St. Peters to Redfern.  (An enlarged photo is on the front desk.) 
Probus Outing:  Tuesday 27th April.  Arrangements have been made to visit the Museum of Fire at Penrith.  You will recall we had to cancel this last month because of the floods.  Fortunately the museum itself was not affected so we can proceed this month. 
Any who paid for last month but are unable to attend will receive a refund.  We do have room for additional bookings this month so let us know if you wish to join us. 
We will depart from the Northbridge Golf Club, next Tuesday April 27th at 9:30am.  Morning tea will be provided by the bus company. 
At the museum there are engines of all ages, as well as those that are horse drawn, and people powered.  These together with all sorts of equipment make for a fascinating display. 
The bus fare is $30 and museum entrance is $11.  Lunch will be at the nearby and recently restored Peach Tree Hotel.  They have a comprehensive menu which includes a promising range of “Light Meals” from $13 to $18. 
Probus Theatre Outing:  “Come From Away”, 1pm matinee, Wednesday, 4th August.  
A booking of 20 seats has now been made for $130 each.  Seats are located in row L (12 rows back from the stage, middle of the stalls).  I think we should be pleased with them as about as ideal a view of the stage as it gets to be! 
Payment will need to be made by the end of May as required early by the Capitol Theatre Group Bookings and as usual can be made directly into the Probus Bank Account, Westpac BSB 032-099, Account Number 255 375.  Please include your name in the deposit detail and Janice Gentle, our treasurer, would appreciate an email ( as a fail safe.  Cash or cheques would be welcomed, handed to Janice, and placed in an envelope labelled with your name on the outside, and the amount and noting it is for the theatre outing.  Cheques may also be posted to Janice, at 12 Panorama Road, Lane Cove, 2066. 
We still have three empty seats to fill before these can be offered to friends, so please let us know if you would like to join us.  Please email either Peggy B ( or Jeanette F ( 

Friday, 19 March 2021

 Newsletter 345       16 March 2021

President’s report: It’s beginning to feel a bit like things are returning to normal. This past month we have enjoyed Noreen, Peter and Louise’s walk through Castle-crag, Colin Piper’s experiences as a percussionist with the SSO and Oriel’s walk through La Perouse-Yarra Bay via Botany Cemetery. Many thanks to all our wonder-ful organisers.

Our next meeting on 16th March will commence at 10:30am and will be followed by the AGM. Following the AGM Annika has volunteered to read one of Paul Barclay’s talks on Rasputin, which I am sure we will all enjoy. We are still unable to have morning tea, however the club is available to serve lunches.

Two tables will be placed at the back of our room for those wishing to pay subscriptions to Janice and for those wanting to book and pay Noreen for the outing to the Penrith Museum of Fire. We are thrilled to be able to use the bus again—however, we do need at least 15 people to make the trip viable—so please support Noreen’s plans to make this day enjoyable.

Doreen has requested that we not queue up at these two tables. Please be mindful of keeping correct social distancing when paying subs or booking for the outing.

Word reached me that Kristina in Sweden had a “small medical scare”. I sent best wishes on behalf of the club. She is now feeling better. It was very frustrating for Maurice not being able to visit her in hospital. They are both longing for their vaccinations and being able to return to Sydney.

Fran McCarthy had a very nasty fall, fracturing several bones in her wrist and fore-arm. She is now sporting a very unfashionable splint and promising she will return!

Douglas and Mary Ann are traveling in a campervan from Victoria to Northern Queensland being the support team for their daughter who is cycling the whole way. We wish them a safe and enjoyable journey.

Membership report: Our membership remains at 53: 37 women, and l6 men.

Many Happy Returns of the Day for Your March Birthday: Kristina T 01, Jeanette F 06, Don B 08, Lis T 18, Fran McC 27, and Elizabeth S 30.

Program of Activities

Guest Speakers: For today’s meeting, Annika T will read one of Paul B’s talks on Rasputin. Next month, Sophia Lacey will speak to us about Wildlife Conservancy Australia.

Probus Walkers: Tuesday 13th April 2021. St. Peters to Redfern via Brickworks and Sydney Park.

On this walk we walk from St. Peters through Alexandria and Erskineville traversing many parks and ending at the Technology Park to Redfern. Highlights will be the many character cottages and also viewing the new structures and landscaped gar-dens. We will return to the city for lunch/refreshments.

Walk is flat and easy approximately 4/5 kms.

MEET: Town Hall Station Platform 6 at 10:00am to catch the 10:10am train to St. Peters.

Probus Outing: Tuesday 23rd March 2021. The Museum of Fire, Penrith.

The Community Bus is running again! We will depart from the Northbridge Golf Club at 9:30am and travel to the Museum of Fire, Penrith. We will have morning tea, provided by the bus company, and then travel on to the Museum for a guided tour, including a film.

The Penrith Museum of Fire contains heritage-listed fire service vehicles. The provenance of these dates from 1841 to 1998. The whole “industry” was started by insurance companies who realised it was in their interest to provide equipment and sup-port for fire brigades.

Over time advancements in technology considerably reduced response times and in 1945 it was possible to close a number of city stations resulting in much needed savings to the system.

Our bus is able to take up to 23 passengers and we need at least 15, so please advise us by email if you wish to participate:, and there will be a table at the March meeting where you can confirm your plans. The bus fare will be $30 and museum entrance is $11. Lunch will be at the nearby and recently re-stored Peach Tree Hotel. They have a comprehensive menu which includes a promising range of “Light Meals” from $13 to $18.

In an effort to make the booking and payment easier and quicker it would be greatly appreciated if you could have the correct money ($41) in an envelope with your name on the front to be handed to me or Louise after our meeting.

Movie Outing: Tuesday 30th March. As is the nature of movie theatres, new movies and session times are only announced for the coming week on a Thursday. Once Jeanette F and I decide on the most suitable movie with a suitable session time that should suit us we will send out an email on Friday the 26th March with the movie information and where we can all meet for a light lunch and coffee before-hand. Anyone not wanting to meet for the lunch but wanting to attend the movie can meet up with us in the theatre foyer 15 minutes before the movie starts where we will sort out tickets. The Orpheum sells books of ten movie vouchers for $100 which means I can hand out these for $10 which then need to be taken to the ticket box and exchanged for your movie ticket. As it is now, it is a bit of a magical un-known outing but let’s hope it will be an enjoyable visit to the movies. Peggy B

Theatre Outing. We are waiting to hear from Group Bookings to buy theatre tickets for a show at the Capital theatre which starts in June called “Come From Away”. It is hoped they will have available matinee seats for us on either the 28th July or the 4th August and concession tickets will cost in the region of $75. If you are interest-ed in attending please add your name to a list we will provide at the AGM on the 16th March. This musical tells the story of how the people of Gander, Newfoundland, Canada, a small town with a large airport handled 48 planes having to land and stay with them when aircraft all over the Americas were grounded after the attack on the Twin Towers in New York City. The story is supposed to be very uplifting! Peggy B,; Jeanette F,

From our Treasurer, Janice G: Annual subs come due at the AGM, March 16h. If paid on or before the date of the next meeting, April 20th, there will be a reduced charge of $40.00, but $50.00 will be due after that date. Preferred method of payment is by bank transfer to the Westpac account, BSB 032-099, account number 255 375. Please be sure to include your name in the deposit details. I would appreciate also an email to me at as a failsafe. That will also make it easy for me to email you to confirm receipt. Cheques and cash are also welcome at the meetings, and cheques can also be posted to me at 12 Panorama Road, Lane Cove, 2066. My phone number is 9439 3801.

From Joke Master Patrick: “Out of the mouths of babes.”

A little girl was talking to her teacher about whales.

The teacher said it was impossible for a whale to swallow a human be-cause even though it was a very large mammal its throat was very small.

The little girl stated that Jonah was swallowed by a whale.

Irritated, the teacher reiterated that a whale could not swallow a human; it was physically impossible.

The little girl said, “When I get to heaven I will ask Jonah”.

The teacher asked, “What if Jonah went to hell”?

The little girl replied, “Then you ask him”.

The children were lined up in the cafeteria of a Catholic elementary school for lunch.

At the head of the table was a large pile of apples. The nun made a note and posted it on the apple tray: ’Take only ONE. God is watching.’

Moving further along the lunch line, at the other end of the table was a large pile of chocolate chip cookies.

A child had written a note, ’Take all you want. God is watching the apples.’


This past year has been a year of learning to do things differently. I am very pleased and proud we have come through relatively unscathed.

I would like to give special thanks to all on the committee and those not on the committee who supported me and volunteered solutions to unusual prob-lems on a number of occasions. We have managed to stay socially connect-ed throughout the year despite needing to cope at time with some extremely frustrating computer problems. It says something about the spirit in our club that we maintained many activities when some clubs ceased their activities completely.

Whilst maintaining social distancing, we have enjoyed and are grateful for Oriel’s walks/picnics, Evelyn’s self-drive outings, Patrick’s constant humour and Shelagh’s marmalades and pickles. Unfortunately, due to Covid restrictions, Douglas was unable to arrange speakers, however, he started the year last month by inviting Colin Piper to tell us about his very interesting life as a percussionist in the SSO. Noreen, Peter and Louise set a high bar for themselves when they took us on a guided tour of Sir Walter Burley Griffin’s Castlecrag. Our annual visit this year to The Little Snail was very enjoyable as usual and was well supported. I was particularly grateful to all who contributed to the Newsletter during our lockdown but I was very relieved to give the reins back to Polly.

We were fortunate to be able to come together for our Christmas lunch at the golf club when several of our members were able to entertain us telling of their unusual Christmases here and abroad.

Sadly, during the year, we lost two of our vital members. Josephine Tuor was one of our longest serving members and Paul Barclay is well remembered for his wonderful talks on extremely interesting and unusual topics. Jo and Paul often took out the winning prizes in Ian’s quiz. They are both sadly missed in the club.

In place of our usual “new members talk” at our AGM, Annika has volunteered to read one of Paul’s talks on Rasputin, which is a fitting tribute to Paul at this meeting.

This past year will remain in our memory as the year our country suffered extreme heat, drought, unbelievingly damaging bush fires and Covid 19.

I congratulate Mary Ann in her new role as President and look forward to the year ahead with positivity.

This is a collage of photos from our walk around Castle Crag

Tuesday, 16 February 2021

 Newsletter 344                       16 February 2021 

President’s report:  Believe it or not our March meeting will be our AGM for 2020—2021.  Where has this “annus horribilis” gone? 

As Annika has informed you, at the AGM we are required to elect our 2021— 2022 committee members.  We are looking for a volunteer for the position of Vice President.  A gentle reminder—when we joined Probus we all agreed to take some role in management of the club.  If you would like to take on this role or want to nominate someone please let me know as soon as possible before the AGM.  We will have nomination forms available at the meeting this Tuesday. 

Twenty-one of us enjoyed our annual French lunch at The Little Snail last Tuesday.  The food as usual was delicious and we all enjoyed getting out in the sunshine and moving about the city.  This outing is always well participated and my thanks go to Oriel for making the arrangements for this day. 

Peggy B loves cinema and theatre and has agreed to plan some outings for us.  We welcome her knowledge and enthusiasm and look forward to joining her.  

Many Happy Returns of the Day for Your February Birthday:   Joan H 04, Noreen B 25, Brenda O 26, and John G 29.  

Membership report:  Our membership remains at 53: 37 women and 16 men. 

Program of Activities 

Guest speakers:  Today we welcome Colin Piper, a retired percussionist from the SSO.  There is no speaker next month because of the AGM, but in April our speaker will be Sophia Lacey of Wildlife Australia. 

Probus Walkers:  Tuesday 9th March:  La Perouse to Yarra Bay via Botany Cemetery. 
We will start this walk at La Perouse after stopping for the obligatory coffee and will continue across the headland into Botany Cemetery where we will pass by a couple of interesting grave sites.  We will also pass some Market Gardens exiting into Bunnerong Road and continue to Yarra Bay Sailing Club for lunch.  Easy walking with some water views. 
MEET: 9:15am Circular Quay Stand B for the 9:32am bus to La Perouse. 
Approximately 4 klms. 
Probus Outings:  Tuesday 23rd February:  “Walter Burley Griffin’s Castlecrag” or a Picnic lunch with the ghost of Burley Griffin. 
We are meeting at Castlecrag Shopping Centre, at 9:30am, at the coffee shop “Back and Forth”, which faces Edinburgh Road.  Cars can be parked under the Centre or further along the street.  
The 207 (City to Lindfield) bus stop is at the intersection of Edinburgh Road and Eastern Valley Way, as is the 267 (Crows Nest to Chatswood) bus stop.  If you are driving please contact other members who may need a lift so we can include as many people as possible; anyone left without transport please contact me. 
The outing will consist of two stages.  Firstly, a walking tour through Griffin’s hidden laneways and an opportunity to see examples of his early houses.  Those who do not wish to walk will be driven by car. 
Secondly, we will return to the Shopping Centre to collect our cars and then drive up Edinburgh Rd (East) to the lunch spot at Stokers Playground.  A few extra folding chairs or a table would be handy.  Don’t forget to bring your lunch. 
Please put your names on the list at Tuesday’s meeting if you plan on attending.  ( 
Tuesday 23 March:  We are planning a bus trip around Camden with a guide from the area followed by lunch.  The tour concentrates on Macarthur and his farming legacy.  Details in next month’s newsletter. 

Tuesday, 26 January 2021

 Newsletter 343                                 19 January 2021 

President’s report:  Life continues this year with our not being sure if well laid plans will come to fruition. 

I apologise for needing to change the venue of our January meeting—I have to thank Mary Ann and some very quick thinking committee members who suggested we consider the Dougherty Centre.  We were also, at the last minute, able to hold a committee meeting at the Centre and book the auditorium. 

19th January, 2021, at 10:30 am, Dougherty Centre, 7 Victor St., Chatswood 

Please bring masks, sign in on arrival and keep social distancing at all times.  Parking is available at Westfield car park and there is a small car park to the right of the Centre. 

Forty-five of us, practicing social distancing, were able to celebrate in December with a Christmas lunch at our Golf Club.  We were entertained with stories of unusual Christmases from all parts of the world, jokes from Ivan and Patrick (in absentia), and Clive read one of his favourite poems, “Mulligan’s Mob”, by an Australian poet, Greg Scott. 

Our usual outing day this month falls on Australia Day and therefore there is no planned outing.  As we celebrate all that our country has to offer I for one, and I’m sure many of you, feel we are so blessed to be living in this part of the world.  It may not be perfect but we have much to be grateful for. 

On 16th February we will return for our monthly meeting to the Northbridge Golf Club which will be freshly painted and ready to start the new year. 

 Membership report:  Our membership stands at 53:  37 women, and 16 men. 

Many Happy Returns of the Day for your January Birthday:  Shelagh K 05, Barrie G 11, Judy McD12, and Judy I 21. 


Program of Activities 

Guest Speaker:  Today we welcome Gary Kennedy, who will talk to us about “Diets, Fads, and Foods.” 

Probus Walkers:  Tuesday 9th February 2021.  Lunch at The Little Snail, 50 Murray Street, Pyrmont. 
There will be a luncheon on our normal walking day.  Walkers and non-walkers are welcome. 
Transport:  Park Street bus stop (between Pitt and George Sts., near Woolworths) bus 389 to The Star Casino short walk to restaurant (runs every 10 minutes).  Light rail from Central to Pyrmont Bay station which is diagonally across from the restaurant.  Walk from City across the Pyrmont Bridge. 
Time:  12 noon.  Cuisine:  French, three courses, 5/6 choices each course. 
Cost:  $43.00 (includes $1.00 tip). 
Steak $3 extra.  Drinks and additional side dishes are extra.  If you would like to attend, please LIST your name today or advise Oriel (9438 3893) by Friday 5th February. 

Probus Outing:  Tuesday 23rd February 2021:  “Walter Burley Griffin’s Castlecrag”.  Walter Burley Griffin, the American architect, is better known as the person who designed Canberra.  During his work at Castlecrag (c. 1920) he acquired a financial interest in land there and proceeded to design the suburban layout.  Our outing involves a tour of Castlecrag highlighting Griffin’s design ideas.  As well as some of his houses, we will see the examples of reserves and laneways offering the residents an escape from the usual street traffic. 
The outing will consist of two stages:  first, a tour around early developments.  This will involve walking for most and car travel for those who wish to ride.  Second, travel by car to more distant sites, including our picnic lunch place. 
Meet at Castlecrag centre coffee shop, “Back-n-Forth”, at 9:30am.  Cars can be parked underground at the centre or in the street.  Visit nearby sites around Parapet and Sortie Port, then return to shops for rest break and collect cars to drive to Stoker Playground for picnic lunch.  Time permitting, a drive around other areas.  Masks to be worn in vehicles if they are required in confined spaces.  For further details, please contact Noreen Byrne, 0412 957 857. 
Theatre Outings:   In the future your committee is planning to arrange theatre outings. 
For those interested, next Saturday 23rd January, at 2pm, there is a tribute to the music of Andrew Lloyd Webber at the Hayden Orpheum (380 Military Road, Cremorne, telephone 9908 4344).  Presently, group bookings are not allowed.  However, I attended the theatre twice this week.  Seats are allocated with correct social distancing, masks must be worn in the theatre, and you need to sign in on the NSW app.  There are cafes and restaurants near the theatre.  (Robin S)