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Tuesday, 19 September 2023



Newsletter 372                                                                                  19 September 2023


President’s Report

 North Sydney Probus Report September 2023 for Newsletter.

All going well!

We enjoyed an interesting talk by past Public Prosecutor, Nicholas Cowdery at our last meeting. The

message was surprisingly positive about crime statistics in NSW. In many areas we are going really well and things are not as bad as we often think. However, he did warn us of the dangers of kitchen knives and if you are going to have a disagreement with your housemate, please don’t do it in the kitchen!

Another good turnout for our outing to go whale watching! The weather was fine, Noreen brought the ginger chews and the whales certainly did come out to play. They had a good look at us and did a bit of showing off. It is really an amazing sight to see these giant mammals cavorting in the ocean just a short distance outside the Sydney Harbour heads. I couldn’t help but recall a little Spike Milligan fun verse.

“A Baby Sardine”

A baby sardine saw her first submarine:

She was scared and watched through a peephole.

“Oh come, come, come”

Said the sardine’s mum.

“It is only a tin full of people”


We are fortunate to have Noreen and Peter to organise such outings for us every month. This always requires a big effort and they do it so very well. Thank you so much. Robyn S has agreed to assist the Byrnes as the lunch organiser for our outings in the future.

I think we also need to say a thank you to Lindsay (and Penny) who have stepped up to take over the walk organisation since the lovely Oriel’s retirement from the job. You are doing a great job. Keep it up!

It seems early but we have to book to secure the best spot for our Christmas lunch. Our Christmas lunch committee have found just the spot. We have booked at the Kirribilli Club, North Sydney. More details to follow shortly.

Please keep Tuesday 12 December 2023 free for lunch at 12 md at The Kirribilli Club.

Just a little note I feel the need to write! In the last couple of months, I have lost 3 life-long friends. I am sure at our age we are all losing loved ones be they family, friends or colleagues. I miss my recently departed friends but I am happy remembering the many fun memories we made together.

“Life is partly what we make it, and partly what it is made by the friends we choose.

– Tehyi Hsieh

Always remember that this is your Club and we always welcome your ideas. An email, text or simply a word in our ears. We always listen.

Warm Wishes

Susan M

MEMBERSHIP:    53 active members, 34 women and 19 men.


BIRTHDAYS: Many happy returns for your September birthdays: Paul O 1st, Cynthia C 6, Douglas I  17, Annemarie R18, Margaret R 20, Patrick W 20, Peggy B 28, Polly G 29.


SPEAKERS: The Speaker on 19 Sept will be Dr Andrew Campbell and the topic is “Hearing and Brain Health”. Andrew has a Masters in Audiology and, apart from treating patients, he conducts teaching seminars, is a Guest Speaker and has written several books on this specialist subject.

In Oct we will watch a DVD on life in PNG entitled “First Contact”. This will be introduced by Jocelyn M, one of our members, and a long-term resident of PNG.


NSW Parliament House – Tour and Lunch, Tuesday 26 September 2023

The next outing is a visit to NSW Parliament House, 6 Macquarie Street, Sydney, one of Australia’s oldest buildings and a fine example of early Australian Architecture. An experienced guide takes us through the rooms of Australia’s first Parliament including the historic legislative chambers.

We need to enter the building by the temporary Macquarie Street security entrance and assemble inside at the front desk at 10.15 am.

Temporary Entrance

The tour is followed at by lunch in the ‘Strangers Restaurant’ which has a pleasant view over The Domain. Main meals cost $34.00 to $46.00 (find details in link below). If you do not wish to finish off the day with the lunch, please let me know, so I can book the correct number of tables of 6 – 8 people. The restaurant would like one bill per table, so if everyone brings cash to cover the meal the ‘Leader’ at each table will collect it for you, (wine is separate at the bar).



Please let me know if you intend to come to the outing and if you are coming to the lunch.

Thanking You

Noreen B:

Details of Menu:



Tamworth lamb cutlets, petit pois a la Francaise, mustard mashed potato (GF) $46.00

Snapper fillet, plantain chips, mojo verde, grilled corn - pica de gallo (GF) (DF) $44.00

Red lentil curry, aloo palak, zucchini & carrot bhaji, green mango chutney (VE, GF) $34.00


TRAVEL: Murray River Cruise and Kangaroo Island tour 2-9 October

WALKS: On Tuesday 16 members (Penny , Ivan , Mary Anne and Douglas , Lis , Judy, Oriel, Dion, Paul , Judy, Lyn , Barry & Jeanette, Carol and Jackie ) went on the walk around Narrabeen Lakes.  It was a nice sunny day, and surprisingly, there was no smoke haze, in spite of 3 hazard reduction burns nearby. Unfortunately, the place I had planned to have lunch was closed but we adjourned to the Sands Hotel where Peggy  joined us for lunch.

The next walk is on 10 October, and is around Woolwich.  We will meet at Circular Quay to catch the 10.45 ferry to Woolwich.  We will have our coffee at the cafe at Woolwich Dock which is after the start of the walk.  We will have lunch at the Woolwich Pier Hotel, about 12.30pm. It is an an easy, mostly level walk, a mix of suburban and bush walking (Kelly's Bush).  There are some bush steps in Kelly's Bush, but they are not steep

Regards Lindsay


EVENTS: Movie Goer’s Group: After thinking the coming movies over the next few months looked to be a sorry lot Douglas suggested that we could go to see this movie called “A Haunting in Venice”, an Agatha Christie, Hercule Poirot story starring and directed by Kenneth Branagh.

The more I have learnt about it the more interesting I see it to be so am thinking we could see it on Friday afternoon the 22nd September. Once again this is on at the Orpheum Theatre, Military Road and as no session times are out yet, please wait for a second email from me with further information. For now, please keep this date free.

Maybe coffee before or a drink afterwards! Or even an early dinner!!

Wednesday, 16 August 2023

                       THE  PROBUS  CLUB OF NORTH SYDNEY 

Newsletter 371                                                                                              15 August 2023


President’s Report

Greetings to everyone

What a wonderful time we had at Christmas in July in Katoomba last week. Thirty-two members (together with 50+ retired waterboard employees) filled the ornate ballroom at The Carrington Hotel.

We shared a Christmas meal, drank some mulled wine, pulled a couple of crackers, sang some carols and enjoyed a post prandial stroll to the station and caught the train back to Sydney.

Excellent Organization by Noreen and Peter again. Thank you!

Also, a big thank you to our members who make the extra effort to transport other members to and from our outings when required. You are truly appreciated.

Speaking with Noreen and Peter, it would be very helpful if we could have a designated helper to organize just the lunches for our outings in conjunction with Noreen & Peter. It should be quite a good little job and a great help for our outings people. Please contact Noreen or myself for further details.

Lately, I find myself becoming frustrated when travelling with a walking stick. It is pretty new for me and I have already lost three canes! Anyway, I was reminded by wiser friends than me that I am not the lone ranger in this respect by re-telling of this ancient riddle from Greek mythology:

The Sphinx asked all travellers who wanted to enter the city of Thebes this riddle.

“Which creature has one voice, but has four feet in the morning, two feet in the afternoon, and three feet at night?”

If the traveller answered correctly, they could pass through the city gate, if not, they were gobbled up by the Sphinx! Fortunately, Oedipus answered correctly and was allowed to enter the city. The answer is

 “The creature is the man who crawls on all fours as a baby, walks on two as an adult and                                               needs a walking cane when old.”

So, using a walking cane is not new! Our ancestors have been doing it for hundreds and thousands of years and it is still a wonderful help for us as we enter our older years (as are our walking frames and our wheel chairs for that matter). So three cheers for all our walking stick users. We are simply continuing this historic journey of aging.

I have decided to attempt to age more gracefully and enjoy the aging years.                                                    

Just a Couple more things:

·         Please send an apology if you are unable to attend our meetings.

·         Please wear your name badge to our meetings.

·         And please, try to say hello and introduce yourself to a newer member at our meeting! There is frequently a friend behind a stranger’s face.

Warm Wishes

Susan M







MEMBERSHIP: 53 active members, 34 women and 19 men.

Birthday wishes in August: Jeanette G 07, Ian S 10, Maurice O 12, Valerie W 13, Paul T 14, Annika T 24


SPEAKERS: The speaker this month is Nicholas Cowdery AO KC FAAL, who has been involved in criminal justice for over 50 years, as a prosecutor, defender, judge and teacher.  

                   The speaker in September will be Andrew Campell, who has a Masters in Audiology. His topic will be “Hearing and Brain Health.” Andrew has written a book on this subject and has offered a complimentary copy to all in attendance


September 26 Outing. This will be an organized tour, with commentary, of Parliament House NSW.  We assemble at 10.15 am at the main entrance, Macquarie St level. Lunch will be available on location, menu to come.

TRAVEL: Murray River Cruise and Kangaroo Island tour 2-9 October. All have paid now.


There were 10 of us who met for the walk last Tuesday, 9 members as one guest.  The weather was looking a bit threatening, but it turned out to be a really nice day.  We met at City Extra for a coffee before the walk.  Because City Extra is a large establishment there were 2 groups of meeting not aware of each other, but we did meet up and got the walk underway.  We made good time actually, so we could spend a bit of time at Wendy Whitely's Garden.  We ended up at the Commodore Hotel for lunch, where we were joined by Peggy, Jeanette and 2 others.  The walkers were Penny W, Peter B, Robin, Anne Marie, Lynne M, Ivan B, Bill B. Peter W, Brenda O, Joan and Barbara B (and me).  Ivan took some photos to send onto you.

On Tuesday 12th of September, we will meet at Wynyard at 9.40am to catch a B1 to Narrabeen.  We will have a coffee at the Tram Shed Cafe before setting off to walk around the lake.  As it is an 8 kilometer walk around the lake, I am proposing that we walk to James Wheeler Place and return.  It is a 5 km walk on well-maintained paths.  No stairs or hills to climb.  Should take about an hour and a half to complete.  We can have lunch at J.B. and Sons on Pittwater Road.



5th Tuesday in the month movie event will take place on Tuesday 29th August, Orpheum Movie Theatre, Military Rd, Cremorne Hope this movie will still be on at the end of the month as I want to us to go and see “The Miracle Club” starring Maggie Smith and Cathy Bates.

As I won’t know the session times until the Thursday before we want to go, as per usual I will send out an email with further details of the movie session times and where we could meet up for coffee or light lunch beforehand. In the meantime, please keep this date free in your diaries. Peggy B  phone 9959 4587.


Saturday, 15 July 2023

THE PROBUS CLUB OF NORTH SYDNEY Newsletter 370 18 July 2023 

President Susan Myers 0406 939 170 Walks Coord. Lindsay Kennedy 0405 239 614 Past President Mary Ann Irvin 0407 Douglas Irvin 0438 166 001 Speakers Patrick Wale 9955 0853 Secretary Annemarie Rutledge 0413 014 283 Outings Noreen Byrne 0412 957 857 Treasurer Elizabeth411 137 300 Membership Ivan Blake 0400 549 596 Events Peggy Burnett 9959 4587 Newsletter An 254 009   (August & September, then Judy Crewe) 


These past weeks I had the need to be poked and prodded by several medical specialists, including a session  in an MRI machine. For those who have also had such an X-ray you will know that it is a strange experience  in a room, in a machine on your own, with noise cancelling headphones for about 15 minutes. Not really  that scary, but a wonderful opportunity to think for an extended period without interruption! (Albeit an  expensive one!) 

My thoughts included a deep sense of wonder and appreciation of the advances in medical technology and  resulting diagnosis of illnesses. I remembered when as a child, laboratory tests and x-rays were rare apart  from in-hospital patients. Doctors relied much more with hands on examinations together with careful  questioning and symptom recognition to diagnose and treat our illnesses. Many of our medicos were so  very talented at diagnosing this way, but some illnesses were just too difficult to identify and went  undiagnosed with tragic outcomes! 

I think we are very fortunate to live at a time where we can receive the benefits of these progressive  medical treatments and perhaps even more fortunate to live in a place where these advances and  treatments are available to most people. I for one am very thankful. By the way I am fine and all is good! 

On the same theme, I have been able to spend quite a deal of my time recently, warm  and comfy at home soaking up the amazing coverage of  The Ashes, The Tour de France and of course Wimbledon. We have always been a sporting family and I recall fondly  

sitting cross legged in front of our radio listening to the tennis and the cricket. In those  days the radio was actually a piece of furniture in our lounge room. At times it was very  static and my Dad told us it was the waves washing over the undersea cables. However  

we always enjoyed these sessions and cheered when the Aussies won and were dejected  if we lost! There were plenty of good Aussie tennis players and cricketers around during  these times to keep us going. We sat on the floor to listen to overseas radio broadcasts  circa  1950s. 

                                                In 2023 I can sit in my living room and watch The Ashes, Wimbledon and whole  three weeks of The Tour de France on my large wall mounted smart TV! I can  

watch these events in brilliant colour with superb overhead drone photography,  

live or on demand or selected highlights at a time of my choosing. I wish my dear 

Dad could see these wonders of modern technology! 

Just like medical advances, we are indeed fortunate to have  

the entertainment value of these exciting events.  Apologies     

to any (if any) of our non-sport interested members. 

Warm wishes,  

          Susan M

MEMBERSHIP - report from Ivan 

•  Currently 53, that is 34 women and 19 men. 

SPEAKERS - report from Patrick 

• The Speaker this month is Dr Joe Dunne, a psychiatrist who started a charity in 2011 called Psyches on  Bikes. This group provides free consulting services to people in remote areas. 

• Next month’s Speaker is Nicholas Cowdery AO, KC, FAAL who will reminisce on his varied legal experiences  as a prosecutor, defender, judge and teacher.  


Christmas in July is nearly here, and many people have already booked. The four-course Christmas lunch is  being held on 25 July 2023, at 12 pm, Carrington Hotel at Katoomba. The cost of the lunch is $70.00 each  and we would be grateful if you can pay by Direct Debit to the Club.  

Some members are catching the train, others are driving up for a couple of days, it is your choice. A suitable  train from Central Railway (platform 5, check this) leaves at 9.18 am., arriving Katoomba at 11.16 am. Earlier  trains leave at 8.18 am, arriving 10.16 am, and another train leaves at 8.50 am, arriving at 10.32 am. Trains  depart from Katoomba at 2.20 pm, 3.20 pm, 3.50 pm and 4.20 pm, taking just over 2 hours to reach Central. 

Happy Christmas in July everyone, from Noreen and Peter

Arrangements for payment will be accepted at the meeting.  

Direct Debit: Probus Bank account BSB 032099 account number xxxxxx.  Please type Christmas as  description and advise Noreen,  if your name is not obvious, eg a company  account. OR Cash at the meeting on Tuesday 18 June 2023.  



•  Murray River Cruise & Kangaroo Island tour 2 - 9 October 

No updates from Mary Ann at present. 

WALKS - report from Lindsay 

Probus Walk, Tuesday 8th of August, from the Quay to the North. We will meet at 10.00 am at City Extra,  Circular Quay, for coffee.  From there we will walk towards, and cross the Sydney Harbour Bridge to Milsons  Point/ Kirribilli. From there we will walk past Luna Park.  We can take a diversion to visit Wendy Whiteley's Secret Garden and then we will make our way past Lavender  

Bay to McMahon's Point. It is an easy grade walk, about 4 ks  

and should take about 1.5 hours.   

As I am just back from holidays I haven't paced this walk out  

yet and I haven't decided on a place to have lunch.  But I will  

have that sorted by Tuesday's general meeting. 

Contented walkers on the Coal Loader walk, Waverton 11 July

Our very own Valerie spotted on a poster at the bus stop in North  

Sydney  2023 (supplied by Susan) 

OUR BIRTHDAY WISHES IN JULY GO TO: Oriel T 12 and Peter B, 27.

EVENTS - report from Peggy 

The Probus Frequent Movie Goers Group will see Oklahoma, at the Orpheum Theatre on Wednesday 19  July at 7.30 pm. This is a screening of The National Theatre’s production of the show in 1998 starring Hugh  Jackman. Tickets cost $20.00 and members are invited to meet at the Chinese restaurant opposite the  theatre for supper at 6.15 pm. Please let me know at our next meeting if you would like to join this outing. 

Members of the group are invited to attend Oppenheimer on Wednesday 26 July at the Orpheum at 4.30  pm, a powerful film about on the creation of atomic bombs and their use in bringing about the end of  World War 2. A film for men and women. Tickets cost $20.00 and we can decide afterwards if we want to go  on somewhere to have a drink or a meal. 

5th Tuesday in the month  movie event will next take place on Tuesday 29 August. There is  not the greatest selection of movies scheduled to be  

shown at this time but I am thinking The Miracle Club 

may be the best one for us. I shall have to send out  

further information as to which theatre, movie session  

times once these are released and also a local place one  

can get a light lunch. 

Happy days!

DATES FOR OUR JULY & AUGUST DIARIES - See more details above

Movie Goer Group: Wednesday 19 July at 7 pm Oklahoma, Cremorne Orpheum 

Outing: Tuesday 25 July (fourth Tuesday), Christmas in July, 12 noon, Carrington Hotel  Katoomba.  

Movie Goer Group: Wednesday 26 July at 4.30 pm, Oppenheimer, Cremorne Orpheum Committee meeting: Tuesday  1 August (first Tuesday) 10.30 am Northbridge Golf Club 

Walk:   Tuesday 8 August (second Tuesday) 10.00 am City Extra Circular Quay & over the  Bridge to Lavender Bay & McMahons Point                                   

Monthly meeting: Tuesday 15 August (third Tuesday) 10.15 am Northbridge Golf Club Movie Goer Group: Tuesday 29 August (fifth Tuesday)The Miracle Club, Cremorne